Are You Moving To Henderson, NV From Los Angeles, CA?

Are you considering moving to Henderson, Nevada from Los Angeles, California, and wonder what’s the same and what’s different? In this episode of We Know Henderson, I’m going to share the similarities and differences between Henderson and Los Angeles.  We’ll examine everything from lifestyle to home prices so you can decide if this area is right for you.

The Weather

The first thing we’ll look at in comparing these cities is the weather. The biggest change when moving from Los Angeles to Henderson is the weather. The weather in Henderson and the Las Vegas Valley by and large changes quite a bit from summer to winter. This is unlike Los Angeles, where the weather is fairly steady throughout all the seasons.

We also have very hot summers here, with average summer temperatures reaching 104 degrees. If you're not used to that kind of heat, you're going to have to get used to it. The good news, though, is that it’s a dry heat, as we barely get any rain. While I know you don't get as much in Los Angeles as some other areas either, we don't get much at all. So if rainy days and Monday's always get you down, you don’t have to worry about it here.

Lifestyle And Activities

The second thing that you’ll need to get used to if you’re coming from LA is the activities and the lifestyle. Here in the Henderson area—as well as the Las Vegas Valley at large—we do so many things outdoors. There’s plenty of hiking and rock climbing at the beautiful Red Rock Canyon, and there's Lake Mead for boating, waterskiing, and wakeboarding. It's a phenomenal place to get all of your outdoor activities in and get your fix for some great sports and recreation.

One of the things you might need to get used to that's a little bit weird is the street performers. If you find yourself down on the Las Vegas Strip or Fremont Street, let's just say it’s interesting. Also, since you're from Los Angeles, you may want to know what some of the local hangouts are here. Thankfully, there's a ton of them from great bars and social scene to some of the best golf courses in the entire country. It's all right here in the Henderson area, so you won't skip a beat with finding things to do.

We've also got the Raiders here now and an amazing facility at Allegiant Stadium. So if you have the opportunity to tour Allegiant Stadium, you definitely should.

Taxes, Transportation, And Traffic

Let’s switch gears and start talking about some of the annoying stuff, like the cost of living when it comes to taxes, transportation, and traffic. While these are things nobody really likes, the good thing is that Nevada has no state income tax. So think of that 13 or so percent tax that you're paying in Los Angeles; how much money does that leave in your pockets?

Another difference is that a gallon of gas in Henderson costs about 20% less than it does in Los Angeles. When it comes to traffic, LA is pretty horrific. Here in Henderson, though, we have virtually none. There has to be an accident for us to get backed up at all. Additionally, as the city has grown and traffic has started, they've built more infrastructure to minimize the effects. They just got done with another widening project on one of our local freeways, so traffic is not an issue.

Henderson’s location is also ideal, as you can get to anywhere fairly fast and easily. If you're in most of the Henderson areas, it will take anywhere from 8 to 15 minutes to get to the airport, 15 to 20 to get to the Las Vegas Strip, 10 to 15 to get to Lake Mead, and about 30 to 40 minutes to get to Red Rock National Park. You could also spend about an hour going up to Mount Charleston if you're a skier or boarder and want some local hills to hit.

When it comes to getting out to other cities, you're about 3.5 hours from LA and 4.5 to 5 from San Diego. You can get to Phoenix in 4.5 hours,  Salt Lake City in 6 hours, and Tahoe in 6 to 7. So you can get to just about anywhere from here in a pretty short time. It might not even be worth it to fly.

Real Estate

What, though, can you get for your money in Henderson versus Los Angeles? You’re probably figuring that you're going to get a lot more for the money here than you do in LA, and that is absolutely true. Your average three-bedroom, two-bath, 1,800 to 2,000 square foot home in Henderson, Nevada is going to run you about $425,000.

You might find some higher than that and some lower than, especially depending on if you've got a pool, what the finishes are, and how new the house is. However, $425,000 will still get you a very nice home. While you won’t find any beach-front properties here (the nearest beach is 3.5 hours away), I’ve been hearing for years that there’s going to be an earthquake that drops California into the ocean. So maybe one day we’ll have that beachfront property, but not yet.

Make Your Move

I hope this helps you understand the similarities and differences between Henderson, NV, and Los Angeles, CA. If you want more detailed information, I’d be happy to help. I can give you a full breakdown of Henderson’s cost of living that includes homes, gas, taxes, and other things you’ll be paying here. So feel free to reach out and I’ll be glad to help you decide if it’s time to make your move.

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