What 94% Of Transplants To Henderson Wish They Knew

Are you thinking of moving to the Henderson or Las Vegas, Nevada area but don’t know what to expect? In this video, I’m going to share a few things that 94% of transplants wish they knew before they moved here. We’ll look at everything from the heat to recreation so you have everything you need to know before you pack your bags.

The Dry Desert Heat

Have you ever heard the expression, ‘I was today years old when I found out…’? We want to make sure that you're not today years old when you decide to move to the Henderson or Las Vegas area. One of the first things that 94% of transplants wish they knew before they had moved here is how hot it gets.

While you might expect it to get hot, this is a dry heat. If you’re picturing a skeleton riding on a horse and sweating, that's what I'm talking about. This dry heat doesn't feel nearly as hot as it does in many other areas, though. I'm from New York, and being in the city when it was 90 degrees and 85-90% humidity was hard. I would walk outside and I'd feel like I’d have to take another shower the moment I stepped out the door.

It could be easily 100 or even 105 in Las Vegas and you don't feel that way at all. While you may sweat a little bit and it’s definitely hot in the sun, it's not nearly as bad as you would think. If you can find some shade, you're probably golden. Of course, when it gets to 115 it feels like you're in a hot air dryer or an oven; that's something that some can tolerate and some can’t.

The good news is that if you've got a car with air conditioning, your house has air conditioning, your office has air conditioning, and every other facility—including schools for the kids—has air conditioning, you can definitely get through the summers here.

A Vibrant Local Scene

Another thing that transplants learn (hopefully pretty fast, though it sometimes takes years) is that there's a large local scene. A lot of people that have been to Vegas know all the glitz and glamour of the Strip and Downtown. However, there are some great things to do locally, from trendy bars to local bars to dive bars along with entertainment and music venues.

The local options are truly endless. This allows you to stay right in your own little bubble and never even make it down to the Strip while still having a great time.

Outdoor Recreation

The next thing on our list is that we have some of the most epic recreation in all of the nation. A lot of people think Colorado and Utah are the best places for skiing, rock climbing, exploring the mountains, and getting outdoors. Well, Las Vegas is a mecca for most of that.

People such as Alex Honnold from the movie Free Solo moved here specifically because of our great climbing. We've got great canyoneering, great hiking, and so much within the proximity of Vegas. From Death Valley and the famous El Capitan—also from the movie Free Solo that I mentioned, there’s so much to do.

Additionally, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and the amazing mountains of Salt Lake City for skiing or hiking aren’t far away. Tahoe is right around the corner, and you can get down to Phoenix in a matter of about an hour on an airplane,  or 4.5 hours by car. The beaches in California are not too far away either. The recreation both in Las Vegas as well as around Las Vegas is absolutely incredible. We also shouldn't forget about our amazing Lake Mead with over 500 miles of shoreline.

Nearby Hotspots And Pool Days

The number four item we’ve already touched on a bit is our local hotspots. The hotspots that are on the Strip and Downtown also offer plenty to do and see. Additionally, there are some great local discounts that you’ll want to check out. Some shows and restaurants offer a locals’ discount, and you may be surprised with how far your money goes when it comes to entertainment here in the Las Vegas and Henderson area.

The fifth thing transplants wish they knew was just how many swimsuits they should own. If there was ever a place that you consider the capital of pools, it's probably Henderson and Las Vegas. Every resort out there has pools, and most of them let locals in for free while some charge a fee. You can go to a large recreational pool for the family, go to an adult-only pool, or even go to the day clubs. These are basically like a nightclub with bottle service and all the fun festivities that go along with it—just by a pool during the day.

Enjoy Desert Living In The Las Vegas Area

Henderson and Las Vegas have so much to offer. I hope this gave you a good idea of some things you may not have known that the other transplants didn't know, either. If you have any questions about the Henderson and Las Vegas area, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to connect.

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