Who's Moving To Henderson, Nevada?

Are you thinking about moving to Henderson and want to know who else is moving here, too? In this video, I'm going to give you the scoop on who’s moving to Henderson and why. Though Henderson is the sister city to Las Vegas—the entertainment capital of the world—you might be surprised to know there’s a variety of reasons that people are flocking to this town.

Who’s Moving To Henderson, Nevada?

If you’re thinking of moving here to Henderson, you might also be wondering what the driving force is behind people settling here. The truth is, there’s a variety of reasons that largely depend on exactly who you’re talking about. There are a few different categories of people flocking to Henderson, each with a different situation.

Snowbirds and retirees, for example, move here because of the amazing weather. Although Florida used to be the place to go for warm temperatures, many people are now migrating to the Southwest instead—with Henderson as a top destination.

For those looking to spend less and save more, Henderson’s low taxes are a draw. We have no income taxes in the state and our cost of living is low. Then, as I mentioned, there’s a variety of entertainment and recreation. Located just a short distance from California’s beaches as well as the beautiful mountains in Lake Tahoe, Henderson living has just about everything. In our own backyard, Bootleg Canyon and Red Rock provide amazing natural spectacles for locals to enjoy.

A Variety Of Jobs

When I first moved to Henderson, Nevada, I had so many people asking me if I lived in a hotel. If you similarly think that most of the jobs here are in the hospitality industry, you might be surprised at our diversity. While hospitality is one of Henderson’s major industries, there are also a variety of technology-based companies.

For example, Switch is the first Tier 5, carrier-neutral multi-tenant/colocation data facility in the entire world. We have buildings far larger than football fields that house servers and computer infrastructure for some of the biggest internet companies that you and I buy from daily. Additionally, Henderson has a  huge Amazon fulfillment center, while Google will soon be opening a data center. A company called Haas Automation just moved to Henderson, bringing in another large manufacturing business. On top of all that, Nevada is also known for its mining operations—which you can also find in Henderson.

Our newest sports teams—like the Vegas Golden Knights and the soon to start playing Las Vegas Raiders—bring in a variety of jobs. Last but of course not least, professionals from doctors, office administration, and other industries are also being brought out to the Henderson area.

A Great Lifestyle

Another reason people are coming to Henderson is its lifestyle. Although just a stone's throw from Las Vegas, Henderson retains a suburban feel. The city is very family-oriented, with highly rated schools and a variety of housing options to accommodate families big and small. The median household income here is over $63,000; with the no income taxes to pay and a lower cost of living, those dollars can get you far. With the variety of high-end employment options available, there’s plenty of jobs that can have you earning far beyond that.

As we touched on earlier, people love the lifestyle in Henderson largely due to the weather. We are not in any sort of specific weather system. While we do have some fault lines and feel a 2.0 magnitude earthquake once in a while, we don't have tornadoes, hurricanes, and hardly any rain. With an average of 294 days of sunshine, you can be tan all the time and enjoy the outdoors year-round.

Many people I know that have decided to move to Henderson do so because of the activities and recreation. Many love mountain biking at Bootleg Canyon or hiking, rock climbing, and canyoneering at Red Rock. Others enjoy water skiing out at the beautiful Lake Mead. Regardless of what you choose, there’s something to do for everyone.

Families can take a nice stroll in the park or enjoy a great day out with your children, as Henderson is ranked as one of the safest cities in the nation. It’s also the fastest-growing city in the state of Nevada and one of the fastest-growing cities in the entire country.

Find Your Place In Henderson

If you want to know who else is moving to Henderson, you’ll find athletes, celebrity chefs, actors, business tycoons, and normal people of all walks of life heading to town. Why? Because of all the great things Henderson has to offer. If you have any additional questions about the Henderson, Nevada area, please feel free to reach out to me and ask. I’m always happy to help!

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