Why Henderson Is The Best Place To Raise A Dog

Would you let your dog pick out your next house? In this episode of We Know Henderson, I’m going to show you why Henderson is an amazing place to live if you’re a dog lover. I’ll give you some stats so you know exactly why this city is rated the #1 place in the US to raise a dog.

A Place For Your Pooch

Not only is Henderson one of the fastest-growing and safest cities in the United States, but it’s also rated #1 for where to raise a dog. There are so many reasons why Henderson is such an amazing place for dogs, but here are just a few.

First, there are 19 official dog parks with fenced-in areas that have agility courses, areas based on dog sizes, meet and greet spaces, and great walking trails. 91% of rental homes in the area are also pet friendly and allow for pets, while 29% of apartment complexes even have pet play areas.

In Clark County—which Henderson is a part of—you're allowed to have up to 4 pets of your own. And if you go get a fancier’s license, you could actually have as many as 10. One step beyond that, you can get a breeder’s license, and then you could have even more than that at your home. You do have to watch the HOA, because they may have restrictions of their own. But if you're in a non-HOA community, it's all yours.

Keeping Your Pets Safe

We all know how much we love our four-legged furry babies out here, and we have to make sure that we keep them safe from the heat. Henderson summers can get scorching hot, and that means that they have to have an ample supply of water. We should also never leave them outside too long, and definitely never leave them in a car by themselves.

You’ll also want to make sure not to walk your dog on hot asphalt or concrete. Get them some little booties or walk them early in the morning or late at night when the heat has dissipated from the road. That's how you keep your pet safe here in Henderson.

Explore Henderson With Your Canine

It’s easy to see why Henderson is such an amazing city for dogs. There are even great walking trails throughout all of Henderson, some that are adjacent to the road and some that aren't on the road at all. You can find them around St. Rose going all the way up along the 215 and way out into deeper Henderson.

So if you’d like to live in a place where you can enjoy life with your four-legged friend, Henderson just might be for you. If you have any questions about living in this dog-friendly city, feel free to reach out to me and I’d be happy to help. You can also subscribe to my channel so you never miss an episode of We Know Henderson. We look forward to seeing you and your pup here soon!

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